Premi e riconoscimenti
Prospect Think Tank of the Year Award
Prospect Magazine
European Think Tank of the Year
For their struggle in a hostile environment for liberalism, but with a message increasingly relevant in the euro crisis

Global Go-To Think Tank Rankings
Foreign Policy Research Institute
University of Pennsylvania Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program
IBL Nominated As One Of The Leading Think Tanks In The World
IBL Nominated As One Of The Leading Think Tanks In The World (392)
IBL in the Top 40 Think Tanks in Western Europe (#36)
IBL in the Top 50 Think Tanks in Western Europe (#50)
IBL in the Top 100 Think Tanks–Worldwide (non-US) (#84)
IBL in the Top 150 Think Tanks–Worldwide (US & non-US) (#123)
IBL in the Top 75 Think Tanks in Western Europe (#69)
IBL in the Best Advocacy Campaign (#31/75)

Dorian & Anthony Fisher Venture Grant
Atlas Economic Research Foundation
More than 180 think tanks competed to be among the inaugural class of recipients of Dorian & Antony Fisher Venture Grants. The nine institutes listed here were selected because they represent “great investments” for the future of liberty

Golden Umbrella Think Tank Award
The Stockholm Network
Golden Umbrella Award for the Best Research
Awarded to the best single research project conducted by a Stockholm Network member think tank, which has been released during 2007. Judges should look for impact on public and policymaker opinion, and the overall quality of the research, in determining the winning nominee. IBL was awarded the Golden Umbrella for the first edition of its Indice delle liberalizzazioni.

Premio “Controcorrente” Luca Hasdà
Il Premio, alla sua prima edizione, viene assegnato ad una o più persone che “si sono distinte per la capacità di operare in modo etico e socialmente utile, anche a costo di scontrarsi con interessi e poteri consolidati”.

Templeton Freedom Award Grant for Institute Excellence
Atlas Economic Research Foundation
The Templeton Freedom Award Grants for Institute Excellence, provides $10,000 grants to institutes that show great promise in impacting public policy and civil society.
The recipients of the fifteen Templeton Freedom Award Grants came from all corners of the world and were chosen based on their achievements, future potential, commitment to the free society and the Atlas mission.