Mises Seminar 2011 - Eighth Edition
Sestri Levante 7-8 October 2011

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In the Fall of each year, Istituto Bruno Leoni organizes a Mises Seminar in Sestri Levante, hosting young scholars from several European countries and the U.S., carefully selected among the many applications submitted.

The Seminar is titled after Ludwig von Mises, the great Austrian economist that tutored Murray Rothbard and several important thinkers and is emerging as a significant event in the cultural life of contemporary classical liberalism, offering a distinguished audience to a few brilliant young libertarian scholars.

IBL hosts a number of young (under-35) researchers. Each scholar or team of scholars presents a paper reflecting their original work.

During the Seminar itself, each paper is briefly presented by their respective authors and commented by a scholar from an academic or a research establishment and, immediately thereafter, will be discussed by the audience.

The Seminar is held in English and attendance is open to all.
The theme discussed in the Eighth Mises Seminar was:

Freedom and the Law: 50 Years After the Publication of Bruno Leoni's Masterpiece

The keynote speakers of this year's edition are:

Opening Lecture
“How Social Norms Emerge Spontaneously: Adam Smith and Moral Sentiments”
Vernon L. Smith, Professor of Economics at Chapman University, Nobel Laureate in Economics 2002

Luncheon Speech
Economics and Democracy: How the Bailouts Opened the Door for the Tea Party Movement
Matt Kibbe (CEO, Freedom Works)Failure, Freedom and Enterprise

Closing Lecture
Rethinking the Global Monetary Order. Monetary Policy Between Rules and Discretion
Gerald P. O’Driscoll (former Vice President, Federal Reserve of Dallas and Senior Fellow, Cato Institute)