Mises Seminar 2010
Sestri Levante 9-10 October 2010
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In the Fall of each year, Istituto Bruno Leoni organizes a Mises Seminar in Sestri Levante, hosting young scholars from several European countries and the U.S., carefully selected among the many applications submitted.

The Seminar is titled after Ludwig von Mises, the great Austrian economist that tutored Murray Rothbard and several important thinkers and is emerging as a significant event in the cultural life of contemporary classical liberalism, offering a distinguished audience to a few brilliant young libertarian scholars.

IBL will host eight young (under-35) researchers. Each scholar or team of scholars will present a paper to be posted on this website a few weeks before the date of the Seminar.

During the Seminar itself, the paper will be briefly presented by their respective authors and commented by a scholar from an academic or a research establishment and, immediately thereafter, will be discussed by the audience.

The Seminar will be held in English and attendance is open to all.

The theme discussed in the Seventh Mises Seminar was:

Big Government Strikes Back
The Struggle between the Market and the State in a Time of Crisis

The keynote speaker of this year's edition will be
Matt Ridley
author of The Origins of Virtue and The Rational Optimist

Forlin Grants
IBL made available five “Franco Forlin Grants” to graduate students interested to participate to Mises Seminar. The grants are named after Franco Forlin, founder member of IBL and a great man and defender of liberty.