Sestri Levante 3-5 October 2008
3 October 2008 
5:30 pm – Registration

6:30 pm – Opening Lecture 
Stephen Littlechild (Judge Business School, Cambridge) 

7:30 pm – Cocktail
4 October 2008 
Jean-Pierre Centi (Université Paul Cézanne – Aix-Marseille) 

9:00 – Morning Session
Ruan Yehai & Dong Shijing (Université Paul Cézanne – Aix-Marseille) 
Anti-administrative monopoly and its legal rules in China 
Ronald Cass (Boston University School of Law)

Paul Beaudry (Ogilvy Renault, LLP) 
Against Policy-Induced Competition in the Telecommunications Sector 
Wayne Crews (Competitive Enterprise Institute) 

Juan Kornblihtt (CEICS, Bueons Aires) 
The Monopoly Capital Debate. An approach from Argentina’s economic history 
Vito Tanzi (InterAmerican Development Bank)

2:30 pm – Afternoon Session 
Remigijus Simasius (Lithuanian Free Market Institute) 
Competition Agencies and Competition Distortion. Lithuanian Case 
William Shughart III (University of Mississippi) 

Alberto Martinazzi (Gianni Origoni Grippo & Partners) 
The role of competition and consumer policy in the energy, telecoms and banking markets 
Pippo Ranci (Università Cattolica di Milano)

6:30 pm – Panel
The Financial Turmoil: Where It Comes From, Where It Goes 
Daniel Schwammenthal (The Wall Street Journal Europe) 

Lorenzo Bernaldo de Quiros (Freemarket International Consulting) 
Antonio Foglia (Banca del Ceresio) 
Giampaolo Galli (ANIA)
Nikolay Nenovsky (Governing Board, Bulgarian National Bank) 
Alessandro Penati (Università Cattolica di Milano) 

5 October 2008 
Jean-Pierre Centi (Université Paul Cézanne – Aix-Marseille) 

9:00 – Morning Session
Brandon Petelin (London School of Economics) 
A Substantial Step with Vague Consequences: Evaluating China’s Antimonopoly Law 
Victoria Curzon Price (Université de Geneve) 

Georges Vallindas (Université Paul Cézanne – Aix-Marseille) 
Stepping Over the Hurdle Rather Than Jumping Over It: EU Judges Facing Complex Economic Assessment. 
Alberto Pera (Gianni Origoni Grippo & Partners)

Parashar Kulkarni (Centre for Development Finance, Chennai, India) 
GATS and Domestic Regulatory Reform: Analysing the Linkages 
Simon Evenett (Universität St. Gallen)

12:15 – Closing lecture
William Niskanen (Cato Institute)