Mises Seminar 2011 – Programme
VIII Mises Seminar
7-8 October 2011

Hotel Due Mari – Sestri Levante – Italy

Freedom and the Law
50 Years After the Publication of Bruno Leoni’s Masterpiece

Friday 7 October 

2:00 PM 

4:30 PM
Presentation and Discussion
Blazo Kazanegra
Intentional Spontaneity: Legislation as a Discovery Process
Discussant: David Porter (Chapman University)

6:00 PM
Forlin Lecture
How Social Norms Emerge Spontaneously
Adam Smith and Moral Sentiments
Vernon L. Smith, Professor of Economics at Chapman University, Nobel Laureate in Economics 2002 

8:30 PM

Saturday 8 October 

9:00 AM
Miscalculations of Communism
Gia Jandieri (New Economic School, Tbilisi, Georgia)

10:15 AM
Presentation and Discussion
Werner Wandenbruwaene
Freedom and the Law.
Rules and Institutions in a Free-Market Society
Discussant: Carlo Lottieri (Istituto Bruno Leoni)

11:30 AM

11:45 AM
Presentation and Discussion
Karol Pogorzelsky
Liberty and Risk Regulations
Discussant: Carlo Stagnaro (Istituto Bruno Leoni)

1:00 PM
Buffet lunch
Luncheon speech
Economics and Democracy:
How the Bailouts Opened the Door for the Tea Party Movement
Matt Kibbe (CEO, Freedom Works)

3:00 PM
Presentation and Discussion 
Ruggero Rangoni
The Origins of Money
Computer Simulations for Austrian Insights
Discussant: Peter Boettke (George Mason University)

4:30 PM
Closing Lecture
Rethinking the Global Monetary Order.
Monetary Policy Between Rules and Discretion 
Gerald P. O’Driscoll (former Vice President, Federal Reserve of Dallas and Senior Fellow, Cato Institute)