Alberto Mingardi
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Concept of a regulatory ‘superpower’ is flawed
Lettera ad Financial Times
All that glitters is not gold. Ursula von der Leyen’s vision of the EU as a regulatory superpower (“Brussels’ new-look team raises stakes with Trump”, September 11) may look superficially attractive — but does not necessarily withstand closer scrutiny.

The rules of the game are not there to produce a certain foreign policy outcome: what they should do is allow for genuine competition between economic actors. In the economy, like in sports, the umpire is not expected to side with one team or the other. The presumption of the economic game to be a fair one is predicated upon this hope of equanimity and equidistance.

But if rules are there to make of whatever political unit a “superpower”, they presuppose that the umpire takes sides. A superpower reasons politically and geopolitically: it ought to move tactically and strategically, to pursue its own goals. An umpire rules by the book.

Businesses need the rule of law and a strong legal environment to thrive and prosper. Would it not be admirable if the new commission were to focus on making the rule of law great again, instead of making regulation a tool of geopolitics?

Da Financial Times, 12 settembre 2019